Make a Japanese Lantern

Make your own Japanese Lantern

Have you ever made a Japanese bamboo and paper lantern?

The city of Odawara is famous for its paper lanterns and craft and culture of lanterns is still active. Once a year a lantern festival is held at Odawara castle and the local tourist office offers a course where you can learn to make your own paper lantern.

Duration: about 90 minutes
Costs: 1000 Yen
Schedule: Instructors (including English support) are available every second and every fourth sunday of a month between 10am and 3pm
Location: Odawara Rest House, Kanagawa, Odawara, 3-6-23 Honcho

Special arrangements for groups of at least five persons can be made through Odawara tourist office including English translation support:
Tel: 0465-22-5002


One thought on “Make your own Japanese Lantern”

  1. One of the best craft experience you can get for 1000 yen anywhere in Japan. The instructors are very patient, and in the end you get to take the lantern as a souvenir. The material costs must be around 1000 yen itself!

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